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Thinking About Becoming A Member?

Joining the Swinton Country Club & Spa is about giving yourself space and time to relax, rejuvenate and be well in beautiful surroundings with great facilities.

As a member of Swinton Country Club & Spa, you have the opportunity to create your own definition of “wellness”.

Maybe a daily walk through the parkland, filling your lungs with the beautiful Yorkshire air, clearing space in your mind for nothing but birdsong and stretching your muscles during lake side yoga.

For more active members, join in energetic and life enhancing fitness programmes in the great outdoors or the high tech, functionally designed gym and studio indoors. Or perhaps your preference is more about indulgent relaxation around the spa suite and poolside with friends. Either way you will find your spa style right here.

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To sign up for your membership, or for more information, call the Country Club team now on 01765 680 950, email or fill out the form below.

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